‘Method’ acting

Thought I’d try out this new fangled ‘website’ thing and post about last night’s rehearsal with the Lovers. It was really fun blocking (or should it be re-blocking?) the ‘fight’ scene. I’m finding the ‘all in the script’ approach a refreshing challenge to the ‘modernise at all costs’ approach to Shakespeare that I grew up with. Any one else finding it a bit hard to turn off and just follow the rules? I would think that at this point in our relationship I would trust dear Mr Shakespeare completely but there’s still this little part of me that feels the need to try and make him seem more appealing, cooler perhaps. It probably comes from years of trying to ‘sell’ Shakespeare in a classroom setting.

Brookie and I were also talking briefly about the challenge of tuning out from other productions we’ve seen – particularly the more recent ‘start-studded’ effort with the bicycles. Is it actually possible to simply strip ourselves of all previous influence and interpretation and present the scrip in all it’s naked glory? Doesn’t seem very post-modern, but then, neither is Shakespeare.

Just a few rambling thoughts – happy lines learning!

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  1. I love the fact that I can say so little but in those so few words so much can be drawn from, debated about and in the end agreed to disagree. Words……to say what you mean, to mean what you say comes from your understanding of the words not from another persons understanding of those same words. The more I learn of Shakespeare the more he knows of me.

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